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Self-Video Contest
The Self-Video Contest hopes to create awareness of water issues by sending a short message generated by young people among ASEAN countries. For the greatest impact, we chose the medium of video to send the message via social media.
Contestants must be from one of the ASEAN countries and be under 25 years old. They will use their own means such as a video camera or even smartphone camera to capture a video up to 1 minute long containing a message on a water issue (either a problem or a solution). The message can be in English or your native language, and be sure to include subtitles.
All videos must be submitted by November 30.
After the competition, we plan to compile all the messages from young people from the ASEAN countries to make a video that brings your voices out to the mass.
Check out some examples in the video below:
Voting and Evaluation
All videos will be promoted by contestants for online voting on a platform that will be provided after the submission deadline.
The winner will have the opportunity to attend the Singapore International Water Week 2014.
Important Dates
Submission deadline: November 30, 2013
Voting and evaluation: December 1 to 15, 2013
Results: Before the end of 2013
For updates and more information, visit Facebook.com/SeayenVideoContest.
You can submit your entry HERE.
UNertia Photo Competition
The competition entry dates by theme are:
24 October - 24 December 2013: Waste
25 December 2013 - 25 February 2014: Energy
26 February - 26 April 2014: Water
27 April - 27 June 2014: Green Spaces
Find out more information about UNertia HERE or visit JoinUNertia.org.
The Great ASEAN Eco-Debates
The Great ASEAN Eco-Debates is an effort to bring great young minds of the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) together for meaningful discussions and to generate solutions to pressing environmental issues. It also gives the ASEAN a venue to collaborate and forward its environmental concerns to the global community and aims to encourage the development of more environmentalists.
The project aims to establish an inter-ASEAN collegiate Asian Parliamentary debate competition that focuses on current environmental issues and solutions. The ASEAN and their corresponding environmental sectors and various environmental NGOs will be involved to interact with participants and conduct environmental seminars during the competition.
Read a more detailed project outline HERE.
The expected outcomes of the Great ASEAN Eco-Debates are:
  • Increased Environmental Awareness
  • Formulation of Organic, Youth-oriented Solutions
  • A Whole Catalog of Innovative Ideas
  • Stronger International Relations
  • Heightened Value of Critical Thinking
Registration will be open before the end of 2013 and the competition itself is planned to be held in April 2014.
Check back here for more information and updates!
You can also visit ASEANecodebates.weebly.com or Facebook.com/TheGreatAseanEcoDebates for more information.
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